We’ve explored the globe searching for more natural ways to enhance the present moment.

From the rugged highlands of Myanmar’s Shan State, jungles of central Guatemala, and remote valley in Japan’s Shikoku Island, to the South of France, California and the farmlands of Upstate New York, we source only hand-gathered whole plants with known wellness properties from growing communities who share our reverence for nature, rituals, and tradition.

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Our commitment to quality and our belief in the importance of terroir continues to drive new relationships and new lessons learned as we seek out the best, most unmistakable, and incomparable ingredients in the world.

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Black Ginger
Ruby Artemisia
Rose Bergamot
Black Ginger’s roots and herbs are hand-gathered around the globe from the remote mountainous regions of Baekdu and Jirisan in Korea, to the rugged highlands of Myanmar’s Shan State and the jungles of central Guatemala.
Ruby Artemisia’s fruits, herbs, and teas are hand-gathered in California, Guatemala, Patagonia, Niagara, Yunnan, and Mexico, as well as Shizuoka in Japan and the South of France.
Rose Bergamot’s flowers and citrus are hand-gathered from Japan’s Shikoku Islands, South Korea’s Jirisan, northern Morocco, Peru, Calabria, and the farmlands of Upstate New York.
Angelica Archangelica
Angelica Sinensis
Artichoke leaf
Bergamot citrus essential oil
Black ginger
Black Lemon
Burdock root
Chicory root
Cinchona Bark
Damiana leaf
Geranium essential oil
Ginger root
Grapefruit peel
Kurokoji green tea
Lime peel
Maqui Berry
Meshima Mushroom
Orange peel
Oriental raisin
Pomegranate molasses
Red wine grape skins
Reishi Mushroom
Roasted dandelion root
Roman chamomile
Rose petals
Sarsaparilla Root
Schisandra berry
Solomon’s Seal root
Turkish Rhubarb
Turmeric Root
Ume plum syrup
White ginseng
Yunnan pu’er tea
Yuzu peel
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